Contested Strip is thrilled to officially announce ONE MORE YEAR, the ultimate graphic novel!!!

ONE MORE YEAR is a full-length, all-original sports comedy…. and our love letter to the sport of ultimate frisbee. ONE MORE YEAR is a classic, tragicomic underdog-slash-heist tale starring a big cast of zany characters we can’t wait for you to meet. (Think Moneyball meets Ocean’s 11 meets Mighty Ducks meets Bad News Bears.) Our team of misfits and losers comes together in a messy, madcap attempt to win Beach Nationals… overcome their differences for one last chance for ultimate glory…  and come out of retirement for One. More. Year.

Basically, we’ve created the funniest bunch of #relatable ultimate archetypes you’ve ever seen since last night at Winter League and set them loose in a 200+ page graphic comedy for your pleasure. 

If you love ultimate, you’re going to love this project: the world’s first ever piece of full-length ultimate fiction. This book is dedicated to all of our hilarious, passionate, heartbreaking, life-changing ultimate friends & teammates… as well as anyone who’s ever loved this game a little more than it loves them back. 

We’ve written the book we’ve always wanted to read and we can’t wait for you to see it. We’re deep in the production process and we’ll be rolling out character intros, art previews, snippets, and updates in the weeks to come. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our brand-new Instagram to stay current. You’re going to love what you see next.