Colorist and Inker wanted!

Do you want to join our team? We have  pages drawn and ready for inking AND coloring TODAY and we’re looking to collaborate with YOU! This is a paid position! Here’s a little bit about us and our project:

Megan “Bacon” Prazenica is a storyboard artist living in Los Angeles. She has worked as an animator on South Park, a storyboard artist on BoJack Horseman, Tuca & Bertie, and QForce. Megan has been writing and illustrating independent comics since 2013, including her regular Autostraddle feature Leave Me in LaLaLand. @MeganPraz

Meghan “Rho” Kemp-Gee is a writer from Vancouver, BC. She’s an award-winning poet, screenwriter, and scriptdoctor who also teaches college composition, visual rhetoric, and comics criticism and Chapman University. Her comics have appeared in numerous anthologies including The 27 Club,BLOCKED!, All the King’s Men, and The Strip. @MadMollGreen

Megan & Meghan met playing ultimate in Los Angeles about ten years ago and quickly bonded over their love of ultimate, movies, womxn’s sports, and comics! We co-created CONTESTED STRIP in 2014. Published in Skyd Magazine, Contested Strip quickly became (lol) “ultimate famous” by offering a satirical, silly, and sometimes profound window into the tightly-knit, wildly passionate, and fantastically fun ultimate frisbee community. During that time we also teamed up to write the sci-fi sit-com S.H.E.: Space Heroines of El-Andoo.

Two years, ago, we began writing our original graphic novel, ONE MORE YEAR, combining our passion for weird sports with our passion for comics. We’ve painstakingly worked side-by-side to write and thumbnail every page in this book as an intense, collaborative storytelling process. We’ve written and drawn a full-length “ULTIMATE” graphic novel… but not only for the fans of our webcomic. This one’s for the “normies” who don’t play ultimate: we’ve created a hilarious, heartbreaking underdog story and a zany cast of characters everyone will love. This one’s about fun, sandy shenanigans, teamwork, and friendship. 

Sample Pages


-We’re looking for a colorist! This is a PAID position! 

-Hiring a colorist will help us speed up our production time and deliver ONE MORE YEAR to our fans faster. More importantly, however, we’re looking for one or more team members who can bring something SPECIAL to this project!

-We’re looking for a colorist for a 9-page Matrix-inspired sequence who can bring something SPECIAL to this project!

-Please fill out this interest form and tell us a little bit about you!

Apply here!

-We’re looking for an inker! This is a PAID position! 

-We’re looking for an inker who can bring something SPECIAL to a 16-page sequence full of sports, comedy, and social awkwardness!-Please fill out this interest form and tell us a little bit about you!

-You will be working with digital roughs and will be responsible for matching the style of One More Year.

Apply here!